Aesthetic Surgery

Abdominplasty (tummy tuck surgery)

Bodylift (inferior, superior, lateral)

Butt Augmentation with fat (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Brachioplasty (inner arm lift)

Cruroplasty (inner thight lift)


Lipofilling and liposculpture


Breast augmentation with fat

Breast augmentation with implants

Breast reduction for hypertrophy

Mastopexy (breast lift for correction of ptosis)

Gynecomastia (increased male breast)


Labiaplasty (labia minora reduction, labia majora fat augmentation)


Otoplasty ( surgery for protruding ear)

Blepharoplasty (surgery of the upper and lower eyelid)


Face and Necklift


Lip augmentation


Hair Restoration (FUT, FUE)

Aesthetic Medicine

Treatment of dynamic wrinkles

Treatment of static wrinkels

(injections, lipofilling, needling, PRP, peeling, threads,
laser, Dermaplaning)

Hyperhidrosis (excessif sweating)

Medical Rhinoplasty

Reconstructive Surgery

Massive Weight Loss Surgery




Mastectomy (prophylactic, curative)

Oncoplastic breast surgery

Breast reconstruction

Breast and thoracic congenital deformities (asymmetry,
tuberous breast deformity, Poland syndrome)

Inverted nipples


Scar correction

Removal of benign tumors (naevi, lipomas …)

Removal of malignant tumors
(basal cell carcinoma, spinous cell carcinoma)

Treatment of Melanoma

Lymph node biopsy, excision of the sentinel lymph node
Axillary/inguinal lymph node dissection


Face Surgery

Our most performed face operations:

Breast Surgery

Our most performed breast operations:


Our most performed body operations:


Our most performed skin treatments:

The Rising Trend of Male Plastic Surgery

With more and more men becoming more body conscious it is no surprise that the rise of plastic surgery in men has increased by almost fifty-percent over the past fifteen years. In the US male plastic surgery accounted for thirteen percent of all plastic surgery procedures. In the social media age that we live in image can be an important factor in finding a date, getting the job, or even making new friends. With more men are undergoing plastic surgery to keep their youthful appearance or change what they do not like about their body. The top three plastic surgery procedures performed on men include:

We use 3d imaging solutions

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Medium or high profile?

Are there various size and shape options?

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How would I look like?

What kind of face lift is the best?

What are the difference between face lifts, mini lift and neck lifts?

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What kind of non-surgical options you have?

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Are there different types of tummy tucks?

What areas of the body can be treated with liposuction?

I want natural results!

Is it possible to transfer fat from my legs to my buttocks?

How would I look like?

Pictures and Testimonials

The law and the code of deontology prohibit publicity for medical services. The law affects also aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, even though they are subject to value added tax. The publication of pictures taken before and after a surgery are prohibited in media, testimonials of patients are not allowed too. During the consultation we can show you some results from patients which have given their written consent.

The Belgium law does not allow to cite any drug name or implantable device (even not without citing a brand name) in the media. In order to avoid legal problems you find sometimes descriptions for special medication or devices.